HIPPY supports you and your child over two years

Children’s earliest and most powerful learning comes from their family, so HIPPY helps build parents’ skills and confidence in their role as their child’s first teacher.

HIPPY supports parents to deliver a structured 60-week curriculum of learning activities, designed to make children ‘school-ready’ and develop a love of learning which will last a lifetime.

Activities and storybooks are fun and educational, and are aligned to the Australian Early Years Framework and National Quality Standards (NQS).

HIPPY is the most effective way to deliver early-childhood learning in the home – delivering great outcomes for children, parents and the community.

HIPPY is an opportunity to learn and grow for parents as well as children

Each HIPPY program is staffed by a qualified Coordinator and a team of Tutors.

Tutors are usually parents participating in the same local program as the parents they support.   Tutors are paid employees and receive training and support from the Coordinator. Becoming a Tutor offers parents a pathway to training and employment and fosters community leadership.  HIPPY builds parents’ skills and confidence to take responsibility for their children’s learning.