As part of the wider Uniting Church, Kippax seeks to bring God’s vision of a reconciled world into the present, to reflect God’s love for everyone, work for justice and peace and follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ who taught what it means to love your neighbour and your enemy, called on his disciples to heal the sick and give to the poor, and who himself challenged the systems and structures of oppression in his society. In all of this, we are called to act with integrity, ensuring that our words and our deeds are aligned.

In the past year, members of the Kippax congregation have joined in protests calling for climate action, justice for refugees and asylum seekers and the women's March4Justice.  

We also joined the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change letter writing campaign** calling on our Federal Government to take stronger action on climate change and held a forum as part of Uniting's Fair Treatment campaign which calls for drug law reform based on best practice and evidence, and treatment being available for all who seek it.