Due to Covid19 restrictions in the ACT, our worship life is currently somewhat curtailed.  You can join us on Zoom for worship each Sunday morning at 9.30am. The Zoom link is https://uca-nswact.zoom.us/j/2241737791

You can also join us for:

Space for God on Sunday 5 September at 5.30pm on the same link.

Online Boardgames on Friday 3 September at 7pm.  Contact karyl@kippax.org.au if you would like to join.


Kippax Uniting Church has a range of worship experiences including:


Online Boardgames is held twice a month on Friday night at 7pm.  if you would like to join this community, please contact Karyl@kippax.org.au


Walking Church happens every 2 weeks on Saturday mornings where we enjoy God's good creation.  It's great for all ages, and depending on which walk we're taking, even your dogs can join us in worship.  For more information email Karyl@kippax.org.au



Each Sunday we hold an in-person service at Kippax at 9.30am.  In order to meet Covid19 health restrictions those wishing to attend will need to book at    https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/kippax-uc-worship-tickets-128817379249

We also offer a Zoom service at 9.30am.  If you wish to participate this way, please email Karyl@kippax.org.au for the link.

Space for God.  On the first Sunday of each month we offer a contemplative worship experience at 5pm at Kippax.  

Our theological Book Club will soon restart.  The next book is 'When Breath become Air.'

Craft Church will also begin meeting again soon.  This is held once a month for a time of sharing pastoral concerns, discuss the scriptures, and explore social issues affecting our community and more, all while keeping our hands busy crafting.

Kippax also offer smaller worship experiences aimed at young and not so young families.