Space for God – Contemplative Worship at Kippax

1 Jun 2021 by Karyl Davison in: News

During these challenging times our hearts and souls long for refreshment and peace that only comes from a deep connection with God. We desire a communal setting for worship that will soothe our over stimulated minds.  Some of us find such spiritual refreshment in worship which is reflective and contemplative.

Contemplative worship is a setting in which we quiet ourselves in order to open our hearts, minds and souls to the presence of God within us. It is one way to hear the gentle ‘voice’ of God with our hearts. Through silence, words and music contemplative worship waits for the Divine Mystery.   

If you’re looking to encounter the Divine in this way, Space for God may be for you. 

Space for God happens on the first Sunday each month at 5pm at the Kippax Uniting Community Centre, on the corner of Luke St & Hardwick Crescent in Holt.